About me


Bragi (Shehryar Khan) is a musician, sound designer and record producer. He is a multi-instrumentalist who performs & produces music under his solo act as Bragi. However he is currently also associated, as the guitarist & producer, with the band YarKhan.

Bragi holds a Master’s Degree in Film Sound Design. From designing sound for film to mixing in 5.1 & ATMOS while also composing elaborate scores & original soundtracks for cinema, Bragi remains entranced within the world of sound and melodies. Recognised by the Cinema Audio Society (CAS) with an award nomination, Bragi has earned critical acclaim in his community as he continues to broaden his reach and bring joy to the world with his music. 

Bragi is a record producer, audio engineer, guitarist, vocalist who plays other instruments such as the bass guitar, keyboards, drums, harmonica, tabla, harmonium & sitar, when required. Bragi is also trained in eastern classical vocals and theory. His music often encompasses a range of diverse genres such as blues, rock, hard rock, psychedelic rock, pop rock, metal, progressive metal, jazz, eastern rock and eastern classical.